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Straycloud Production Update

Progress makes practice!

Been awhile

Hi everyone! It has been way too long since I posted an update! In the last year and change, we have:

  • Finished the prototype and completed our development grant
  • Formed a studio called Beast Dance to produce the game
  • Brought on board a sound designer, programmer, and artist
  • Developed further concept work and world building
  • Completed a pitch deck

We are now ready to start pitching to publishers! Once we are able to secure funding, we can move into production. I’m so excited to get moving.

In that time, I have posted another dev log, as well as a playthrough video of the completed prototype. You can check them out below. As always, you can also stay up to date by following @straycloudgame on social media, or by subscribing to the newsletter on the homepage.

As always, thanks so much for reading, and for your support.

Dev log 005

Straycloud Pre-Production Playthrough

- Noel