Straycloud Straycloud Dev Logs 003 and 004

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Straycloud Dev Logs 003 and 004

Keep it up keep it up keep it up.

Procession of Progress and Progression of Process

Straycloud developer log continues very much abated! It’s a double update this time around, with the third dev log I recorded in September as well as the fourth, recorded last month.

Dev log 003 continues in the same vein as the first two – it’s me talking through the progress I’ve made since the last update. A lot has happened! Dev log 004 changes tack a bit. In this video, I ran a playtesting session to see how (if?) the game works in someone else’s hands. It was super informative, and really great to gain some new perspective. I’ve since implemented a bunch of minor improvements based on feedback, and I’ll definitely run another one in the next few months.

You can check both sessions out below. If you’re into it, please follow along on social media, drop me a line, subscribe to the newsletter, or whatever else you fancy. Thanks for reading and watching!

Dev log 003

Dev log 004

- Noel